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LeRoy and Shirley DeJolie

Known for his breathtaking images of Arizona's vibrant landscape and Navajo people, Navajo Fine Arts Photographer LeRoy DeJolie grew up on the Navajo Reservation, where he got all of his inspiration.

His early days of herding cattle on the family ranch allowed him to experience the endless dance of light and shadow upon the sheer canyon walls, secluded water holes, and rippling oceans of sand. These early influences are evident in the emotional images he captures of the landscape of the Navajo.

DeJolie is a long time contributor to Arizona Highways Magazine, which published his book Navajoland: A Native Son Shares His Legacy. The book combines his own narrative with dozens of his outstanding scenic photographs. LeRoy's photographs have also appeared in N.Y. Times, Readers Digest, Native People and Time Life Products.

Shirley DeJolie is an accomplished portrait photographer, known for her sensitive portrayals of Navajo elders. Each image reflects the dignity and resilience of a rapidly vanishing generation. Shirley’s heart is to preserve their stories through her photography, thus creating a connection for the younger generation to cherish.

The DeJolie’s main mission in life is not only to bring magnificent images to the world, but to encourage children of the Reservation to take pride in their cultural history, and to help spread messages of peace, good will, pride, hope and a positive mental attitude throughout their sacred Navajoland. LeRoy and Shirley DeJolie currently reside near Page, Arizona in the small community of LeChee, close to the people and the land that they love.



LeRoy and Shirley DeJolie's exquisite images of their homeland are captured using a 1952 8x10 Deardorff camera. It has been adapted to take 4x5 and 4x10 formats as well.